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Summer Camp Packing Tips
April 25, 2014

By April Hammond


summer camp packing tipsSpring is finally here and that means that it's almost time for camp season! While it's a fun and exciting time for both parents and children, there's lots of stress that can go into planning and packing for camp. There's a lot to remember when it comes time for packing for camp, so before you begin you may want to check with your child's camp for their packing list. These lists are usually provided by the camp and it makes it so much easier to ensure that you have it all. Check on their website for the list. There may be things like bedding that you'll need to include in your child's gear, so getting the list in advance will be helpful on the budget, and allow you more time to run errands and get prepared.


You'll also want to make sure that you wash all clothing before packing for camp, and remember to label everything your kids will be taking, from socks to soap cases, with their name or initials. Not only do we have camping packing tips, but our camp labels are the perfect summer camp packing helpers to ensure your child's items won't be lost or misplaced while they're away! We also have great Personalized Clothing Labels for more help staying organized.


Here are some additional Summer Camp Packing Tips:

  • Include a list of what's packed and put it with your child's belongings, so they know what they have with them.
  • Make sure you understand the camp's policies regarding food, money and phone calls. Make sure you honor the rules and reach out to the camp ahead of time if you have concerns.
  • Label all of your items with your child's name. Order stick-on camp labels for kids clothing, towels, and any other items.
  • Rolled sleeping bags tend to come unraveled when walking through camp, so consider providing a "stuff" bag for your child's sleeping bag and pillow.
  • Don't forget about shower time while packing for camp! Make sure to provide a type of plastic bag kit or basket that would make it easy to transport toiletries to the showers (and don't forget to label these items too).
  • Allow your child to send letters home or to other family members or friends by including stamped, pre-addressed envelopes or postcards and writing utensils in their bag.
  • Whether there's a laundry facility or not, make sure to include plastic bags or a laundry bag for wet and dirty clothing. This will allow your camper to keep dirty items separate from their clean ones.

Make summer camp packing a team effort and encourage your child to participate in the fun of getting ready. If you're not sure which camp labels you need, just give us a call at (315) 627-0524 or contact us. We'll help you pick the perfect camp label packs for your kids!

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