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Nursing Home Labels

Use our stick on & iron on labels to stop things from going missing in a care facility. It's a breeze to label clothing, bedding, footwear, personal items and more.

  • For Clothing - Apply stick on labels to garment care tags, size tags and brand stamps. Apply iron on labels to any fabric. 
  • On hard surfaces use our Waterproof Labels. 
  • For tagless clothing items use our permanent Iron On Labels.

custom labels


Check out a few of our most popular labels below!

Nursing Home
IRON ON Small Tag Labels -1" x 0.5"
60 Labels
Nursing Home Label Pack
120 Labels
Best Price of the Year
Small Square Clothing Labels - 1" x 1"
36 Labels
IRON ON Small Rectangle Labels - 2" x 0.5"
36 Labels
Waterproof Small Round Labels - .8"x .8"
56 Labels

Nursing Home Labels - Stick On & Iron On Labels!

IdentaMe Labels nursing home labels are a great choice to label all of your loved ones things, especially their clothes. You can use both our stick on & iron on labels for nursing homes, as they are great as laundry labels for clothing. Our stick on, nursing home labels are made out of a thin vinyl that has an industrial strength adhesive on the back so they'll stay stuck.


Our waterproof waterproof labels are made with non-toxic inks and are laminated to make them extra durable. Our nursing home labels are waterproof, weatherproof and dishwasher safe making them perfect for everything with a hard surface like water bottles, food containers, tools, electronics just to name a few.


Our nursing home labels for clothing can be a permanent label solution. We also have a few bigger sizes of iron on labels so if you're worried about the readability of the laundry label, the bigger iron on labels are the way to go. Create your own unique nursing home custom product labels and laundry tags using our Design Center. Feel free to contact us with questions, or if you'd like to order by phone you can call us at (315) 627-0524.


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