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The Story Behind Our Custom Label Making Company


In 2009, DynaMax Digital Printing was created. We began creating and installing lots of graphics for vehicles, business windows, yard signs, banners and the like. Every once in a while a tool or two would go missing when we were on a job site. Our tools aren't cheap so we began the quest to find out the best way to permanently label our tools. 


After months of trials and tribulations, we finally found a printable, thin vinyl that's backed with a super, duper, extra sticky adhesive. So we made labels with our logo and phone number and viola, problem solved! Labeling all of our

business stuff soon turned into labeling all of our personal stuff too - golf clubs, food containers, lawn furniture, snowshoes - the list is endless. The labels held up great wash after wash in the dishwasher so we got gutsy and stuck a few labels on jackets and a few other clothing items. To our surprise, the labels stayed stuck - even in the laundry! We realized we were on to something so after lots and lots of testing, on all sorts of items, IdentaMe Labels was born!


We've grown a bunch since 2009, and we love doing what we do. We owe it all to our customers, who trust us and our products, and who keep coming back to us year after year for their all of their labeling and business needs.




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