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The Story Behind Our Custom Label Making Company


In 2009 we started DynaMax Digital Printing. We began creating and installing lots of graphics for vehicles, business windows, yard signs, banners and the like. Every once in a while a tool or two would go missing when we were on a job site. Our tools aren't cheap so we began the quest to find out the best way to permanently label our tools. 


After months of trials and tribulations, we finally found a printable, thin vinyl that's backed with a super, duper, extra sticky adhesive. So we made labels with our logo and phone number and viola, problem solved! Labeling all of our

business stuff soon turned into labeling all of our personal stuff too - golf clubs, food containers, lawn furniture, snowshoes - the list is endless. The labels held up great wash after wash in the dishwasher so we got gutsy and stuck a few labels on jackets and a few other clothing items. To our surprise, the labels stayed stuck - even in the laundry! We realized we were on to something so after lots and lots of testing, on all sorts of items, IdentaMe Labels was born!

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Get to Know Our Label Team


April hammond IdentaMe Labels

April Hammond


Chief Labeler


April earned a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from LeMoyne College as well as a Masters in Education from Elmira. Her trademark statement, "labels are my life", usually means that if you give us call, you'll most likely find her on the other end of the phone. She loves talking to customers and helping them figure out exactly what they need. She's thrilled that this little label business keeps growing and that labels really can make life a bit easier for everyone.


Favorite TV Shows?

Newsroom and Girls. One makes me use my brain and the other just makes me laugh.


Time of Year?

Farmer's Almanac rates Syracuse as the #1 Worst Winter City so I'd have to go with fall - fresh picked apples and the air just smells so clean.



Anything sweet! I don't have "a" sweet tooth, I have at least 20!



Invisible - so many cool things you could do with that one!


Gail Greiner IdentaMe Labels

Gail Greiner


Label Afficionado


Gail's a graduate of the SUNY Albany School of Business. She spent the early part of her career in commercial construction, and now she's our time management and process efficiency guru. She loves to "make the trains run on time". She's "old school" and believes that our labels and business are only as good as our customers tell us they are. She works with all of our customers that need custom labels. From product labels and bumper stickers to bar mitzvah labels and ski rental labels, there's no sticky project Gail can't handle.


Favorite TV Shows?

The Good Wife and Downton Abbey. 



Beer making, golf and travel.  I just realized that my ideal day would

consist of playing a round of golf in another part of the country while

drinking a delicious homemade or equally delightful craft beer.


Guilty Pleasure?

The Bachelor.  I'm embarrased to say it out loud.



Flying, of course.



Steve Roach IdentaMe Labels

Steve Roach

Cool Label Maker

King of Social Media


Steve joined the IdentaMe Labels team in January of 2014. He graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology from St. Bonaventure University where he was a standout on their Men's Soccer Team. Steve came to us after spending 8 years in the pool service industry. His "get 'er done" attitude is invaluable during the summer months when we're all swimming in labels. He's turned into a "master label maker" and loves every minute of it. Steve was very quickly dubbed "King of Social Media" and enjoys keeping our friends and followers up to date on things that we're up to!


Favorite TV Shows?

Game of Thrones. This long wait between seasons kills me!


Favorite Band?

Although I love a broad range of musical artists, hands down, my favorite band is Phish. I have seen them 33 times since 2009 and can't wait for more!



Disc golf, soccer, concerts, hiking and camping.



Flying seems like the obvious choice, but an adamantium skeleton would be pretty cool.


Barb Roach IdentaMe Labels

Barb Roach

Double-Triple Checker


Barb recently retired from a 30 year career in elementary education. She started working at IdentaMe Labels during her summer breaks and now that she's done moulding young minds, she's become a permanent member of our label family. There's no one like Barb when it comes to quality control - she catches everything! If we let her go over every label with a magnifying glass - we think she probably would!


Favorite TV Shows?

NCIS and Dr. Phil.


TIme of Year?

Crisp fall days and long walks on the beach.



Any kind of seafood, (except raw oysters - yuk)!


Anything Else You Want Us To Know?

I enjoy baking and I can read for days at a time.


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