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Frequently Asked Questions

What are IdentaMe Labels made out of?

We sell stick on labels and iron on labels. Our stick on labels are made of a thin vinyl that has an industrial strength adhesive on the back. We print your design on the vinyl and then apply a very thin laminate for extra durability. Our iron on labels are made of a printable PVC material. All of the materials used in making our labels, including the inks, are non-toxic and safe for children. Back to top

What can I put my IdentaMe Labels on?

IdentaMe Labels Waterproof Stick On Labels will stick to any hard surfaces and some soft surfaces like leather on a baseball, a dog leash or a diaper bag. Our stick on laundry labels can be applied to garment care tags and brand stamps as well as any hard surface! Iron on labels...well those obviously need to go on fabric! These are best for stretchy items like socks and underpants. Back to top

Are your labels safe for children?

Yes! Our labels themselves are printed with non-toxic, eco-solvent inks on vinyl and then laminated. As with any small item, there can be a choking hazard if swallowed by small children, so we do recommend supervising your children if they want to help in apply their labels. Back to top

When I place my order, how long will it take before my order ships?

You can find our current turnaround time at the top of our site in orange. Most of the time we ship much quicker than what's shown. We take a lot of pride in getting super high quality labels to you as fast as possible. That being said, actual delivery time to your mail box is totally dependent on the shipping option you choose. If you're in a hurry for your labels, please make sure to evaluate all of your shipping options. Give us a call if you have questions at 315-627-0524. Back to top

Can I place an order without using the website?

You betcha! Give us a call at (315) 627-0524 and we'll be happy to take your order. You can also email your order to us at info@IdentaMeLabels.com and we'll call you to verify details and get your payment information. Keep in mind that if you order labels online using our design center, you are assured that spelling, address etc will be correct because you will be able to see a proof of the labels on your screen before you order them. If you sign up for an account, any subsequent orders you place will be available for viewing and easy reordering.
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What do I do if I need to change my shipping address after I've already placed my order?

We process orders very quickly, which is normally a good thing, except when you need to change the shipping address! If you call us the same day as you place the order, no problem! We don't ship until the end of the business day. If you don't discover your error until the next day, there's a chance your labels could already be on the way. In that case, there's not much we can do about it except offer you a price break on a replacement order. Bottom line is call us as soon as you discover the error at 315.627.0524 and we'll do whatever we can to fix it right up until the moment your order is dropped off at the Post Office or FedEx. Back to top

What do I do if my child's name won't fit on the label?

If you are having trouble fitting everything you want on the label, give us a call at 315-627-0524. You can also add the name you would like on your labels to the Message section at check out with a note that it wouldn't fit, and we'd be happy to get the whole name on your labels. Back to top

I've already placed an order, but I need to change something. What should I do?

Because we pride ourselves on a super quick turn around time, your order can go to printing within as little as an hour of receipt. For that reason, it is our policy that orders cannot be changed once you check the box approving the design and place your order. That being said, you can always call us at 315-627-0524 to see if your order has been processed, and if it hasn't, we'll happily make any changes you need! Back to top

How do I remove the labels?

Although our stick on labels are backed with industrial strength adhesive, it is possible to remove them with intent. The easiest way is to start picking at a corner to get it loose and then peel the whole label off. If you're having trouble removing labels - a few seconds under a blow dryer will loosen the adhesive and allow you to peel the label off the surface.
Please note, our iron on labels are a permanent labeling solution and can't be removed! Back to top

How should I apply my labels to my belongings?

Good question! First of all, IdenteMe Labels should always be applied by an adult or under adult supervision. Every set of labels comes with a detailed instruction sheet to aid you in applying your labels. To make sure that your labels will work as expected, it's important that you order the correct size label for your application. Every label page on our website gives you details about the specific label and what you can use that label on. For example, we recommend you stick our smallest labels right to the garment care tags or brand stamps in clothing items. They'll also stick to any hard surfaces.

Our labels love heat and pressure so don't be afraid to really give them a good going over with your thumb or a good squeeze between your thumb and fingers. Another trick to help your labels stick - after applying labels to clothing items, throw them in the dryer for a few minutes and then go over the labels one more time while they are still warm. Make sure to give them 24 hours before putting them in the washing machine.

For hard goods just stick them to a clean dry surface and work any bubbles you find out to the edges with your thumb. Back to top

I need custom labels. Is that something you can do?

We'd love to help you with your unique custom labels! We make custom labels for businesses, sports teams, schools, manufacturers, charities, parties, events...the list goes on. Just give us a call at 315-627-0524 or email steve@identamelabels.com with your specifics and we'll work with you on design and a quote for your labels. Back to top

What if I want to order a pack of labels with more than one name?

Our packs are designed to make ordering easier. If you need labels for more than one person, you may want to order your labels by size instead of by the pack, or order a pack for each person. Back to top

My child/loved one has sensitive skin. Do your clothing labels cause irritation?

Because our labels are laminated, they provide a smooth surface that should not rub or irritate skin. While we can't say with 100% certainty that our labels will not irritate anyone's skin, with millions of IdentaMe Labels out in the world, we feel very confident in saying that skin irritation is not an issue that our customers have ever complained about. Your satisfaction is our number one priority, so please feel free to contact info@identamelabels.com or call us at 315-627-0524 with any concerns. Back to top

I designed all of my labels, but when I try to check out it won't let me. What should I do?

The easiest way to handle problems with checkout is to give us a call at 315-627-0524. Usually we can figure out the issue pretty quickly and if for some reason we can't, we can take your order over the phone! You can reach us at 315-627-0524, Monday through Friday, from 8am - 4pm Eastern Standard Time. Back to top

Can you make Barcode Labels, QR code labels or labels using variable data?

ABSOLUTELY! We do it all the time and we love it! Give us a call at 315.627-0524 or email us at info@IdentaMeLabels.com...let's talk! Back to top
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