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 These are just a few of our best selling labels. All of our labels are made with the same attention to detail and always come out at the highest quality to ensure that they will all last wash after wash, day after day. Here at IdentaMe Labels we take pride in making a product that works and that lasts. We use only the best materials to craft your labels so you will always have super durable and extremely sticky labels. We're confident that no matter where you put our labels that they'll stick wether it be on a buoy in the middle of the ocean or tupperware dish you use for storing left overs. On this page you'll find links to several of our other products that we think can make your life that much easier. If you find yourself wondering what kind of labels you need for your situation feel free to call us at 315-627-0524 or shoot us an email. You can reach us at pat@idmlabels.com , steve@idmlabels.com , or april@idmlabels.com . Anyone of us will get back to you as quickly as possible to ensure you get what you are looking for. Thank you for choosing IdentaMe Labels!

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